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Conversations for Fear-less Leaders

Rhonda and Dale

Effective leadership centers itself around influence because leadership isn't just about you, it's about other people and the relationships you build with them. Individual ability on its own isn’t enough to sustain a thriving business. A leader must provide the motivation required to achieve shared goals and mutual success – in the process unlocking levels of greatness that we might never have dreamed to be possible.Your ability to influence relies on your skill at introducing and driving critical conversation. In order to effect the change you seek, your vision has to be effectively shared and translated to your employees, peers, and partners, and so you need to become a master of conversation. That’s why I’ve joined forces with (Dale Laughlin/ Rhonda York) my fellow certified Conversational Intelligence®, Executive, Team and Life Coach, to create our brand-new podcast series, Conversations for FearLESS Leaders.We define a FearLESS leader as one who recognizes the fears that may be holding them back and is able to move beyond them to have the kinds of necessary, intentional conversations that make things happen. In each episode of our podcast we’ll explore the scary situations that can inhibit your ability to perform and use our experience to help you navigate through those fears to the success you deserve.So get comfortable, take a listen, and join the conversation at because we can do more when we fear less!#leadership #leadershipcoaching #executivecoaching #conversationalintelligence #difficultconversations #conversationsforfearlessleaders #facingfears